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case studies for clients and boost your writing income.

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Customer case studies are BIG in B2B marketing. Many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of customer storytelling, because they realize that their own customer stories are the only thing that makes them truly unique.

For copywriters, customer case studies are a huge opportunity too. Speaking for myself, writing customer stories have allowed me to build a steady, repeatable income. Case studies are high-paying writing projects. Some businesses are even willing to pay up to 2,000 euro for a two-pager.

But strangely enough, there aren’t many case study writers around these days.

Very few copywriters seem to know:

  • How to write a convincing customer case study
  • How to interact with clients and get story approval
  • How to interview a customer
  • Where to find case study writing projects

Are you one of those copywriters? Are you missing out on the lucrative opportunity of case study writing? Would you love to land more case study clients, but are you unsure where to start? 

Then ‘Case Study Writing Expert is exactly the online course for you.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Write convincing customer case studies in less time
  • Manage case study projects from customer interview to story approval
  • Conduct interviews like a pro to reveal your customer’s most valuable information.
  • Land high-paying case study projects
  • Market yourself as a case study expert and get repeatable business

This is what you'll get:

>> 7 online training modules that you can follow at your own pace, anywhere, anytime

  • MODULE 1: Case study writing basics 
  • MODULE 2: The case study blueprint & story alternatives
  • MODULE 3: Interviewing your customer like a pro
  • MODULE 4: Working with your client (getting buy-in & approval)
  • MODULE 5: How to land customer story writing jobs
  • MODULE 6: How to upsell from copywriting to other services 
  • MODULE 7: Case study troubleshooting

>> 2 live coaching calls by your teacher, Kristof Maddelein

>> My review and feedback for up to 3 of your current customer stories

>> Checklists and tools to develop your own stories, conduct interviews, obtain customer approval and much more

I am launching this course within a few weeks for a limited group of copywriters. So, if you want to join, it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

This online course is right for you if you are:

  • A starting copywriter, looking for a steady stream of income.
  • An established copywriter, looking to diversify your services with a lucrative writing niche.
  • A copywriter who is eager to get better at the craft of writing and storytelling.
  • journalist who wants to break into the copywriting market

Hi, my name is Kristof Maddelein.

Kristof Maddelein

I have been helping B2B companies to tell their story and win customers for more than 15 years.

In that time, I have written customer stories for B2B brands, such as Barco, FLIR Systems and Bekaert.

 Thanks to customer case studies, I have been able to land high-paying projects and build my writing income in a sustainable way. And I know that you can achieve that too.