Is your sales team screaming
for content that sells?

Is your sale team screaming for content that sells?

B2B sales teams need content that gets them to the sale much quicker.
In the Customer Story Masterclass, you learn how to turn your
customer success into stories that drive sales.

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Customer stories...
you know you should be making them, but...

  • Why is it so difficult to get buy-in from customers?
  • How can you make a customer interview less awkward?
  • How do you write a story that attracts buyers and makes them move?
  • What if your customer doesn’t approve the story, and all your time and energy is wasted?

Kristof Maddelein

Hey, my name is Kristof Maddelein and I want to help you to turn your happy customers into marketing bliss.

B2B sales cycles can be long.
I mean, ridiculously long.

But luckily, there’s one piece of content that can reduce that: the customer success story

If you are a B2B marketing manager or content creator, that’s exactly the content type you should be creating right now: stories of satisfied customers that talk about the benefits of your products or services. 

Customer stories:

  • Provide credibility for your company
  • Demonstrate results
  • Educate your customer

And the bonus?

Your sales team will love you for it. In fact, you will be the sales team’s hero, because you will be creating the one content piece they desperately need.

The Customer Story Masterclass will start soon.
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If you are serious about exploiting customer success, then this is the online course for you.

In fact, Customer Story Masterclass is the only online course that teaches you the secrets of customer story marketing in such detail.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Find customers that will happily share their story with you.
  • Go from customer interview to story approval in a fraction of your current lead time.
  • Conduct interviews like a pro and reveal your customer’s most valuable information.
  • Use storytelling techniques that convert skeptical buyers into customers.
  • Get approval from your customer, and turn a no into a yes.
  • Unlock new sales opportunities with your stories.
  • Get picked up by the media.
  • Repeat your customer story success over and over again.

This is what you'll get:

>> 7 online training modules that you can follow at your own pace, anywhere, anytime

  • MODULE 1: Customer Story Marketing 101
  • MODULE 2: The customer story blueprint & story alternatives
  • MODULE 3: Interviewing your customer like a pro
  • MODULE 4: Working with your client (getting buy-in & approval)
  • MODULE 5: Marketing with stories
  • MODULE 6: Building your mean success story machine
  • MODULE 7: Success story troubleshooting

>> 3 live coaching calls by your teacher, Kristof Maddelein

>> My review and feedback for up to 3 of your current customer stories

>> Checklists and tools to develop your own stories, conduct interviews, obtain customer approval and much more

Hi, my name is Kristof Maddelein.

I have been helping B2B companies to tell their story and win customers for more than 15 years.

In that time, I have written customer stories for B2B brands, such as Barco, FLIR Systems and Bekaert.

I have seen companies use customer stories to sell, up-sell and cross-sell like crazy. And I know that you can achieve that too.

Hundreds of customer stories later, I couldn’t be more convinced of the power of success stories!

But unfortunately, I have also seen companies make stories that: 

  • Are boring as hell.
  • Won’t convert into sales in a million years.
  • Took ages to create.
  • Give them a bad impression with their customers.

Let’s stop that right now.

This online course is for you if:

  • You are a B2B marketer or content creator.
  • You want to create customers stories, but don’t know where to start.
  • Your stories have a big ‘so what?’ factor.
  • You are struggling to work together with your customer.
  • Your approval process derails more often than not.
  • You don’t get any business from your stories. 
  • Your efforts stop with just one customer story.